Freefall classic line-up

Line Up #1 (1986-1990)  Andrew J Lovatt – Vocals/Jem Godfrey – Keyboards/Jim Harris – Guitar/Simon Godfrey – Drums/Paul Worwood – Bass
Line Up #2 (1990-1991)  Jean Paul Orr – Vocals/Jem Godfrey – Keyboards/John Boyes – Guitar/Simon Godfrey – Drums/Paul Worwood – Bass

UK neo-prog of the first order. Freefall were formed in London, England at the beginning of 1986 around the talents of Jem Godfrey and Jim Harris who were eager to stretch the envelope of prog. Although deeply influenced by bands such as Genesis, ELP and Rush, their songwriting incorporated elements of heavy metal that would later prove successful for bands like Queensryche and Dream Theater.  

Their brief but bright life began by supporting a blues band at a local pub. Eight weeks later they opened for IQ at the Marquee Club in London, only their third live gig. From there, they went on to support such prog luminaries as Ark, Jadis, Galahad and Geoff Mann gathering a loyal following and even some national press attention (in UK Heavy Metal magazine ‘Kerrang!’).

The band produced three cassette EP’s: ‘Fate Not Choice’ (1988), ‘Surface Tension’ (1989), ‘Deus Ex Machina’ (1990) and finally a full length CD album ‘Thrown’ (1991).

At the beginning of 1991, after a change of lead singer and guitarist, the band shifted direction to a hard rock sound which although competent, lacked the originality and flair of the first line-up. They struggled on but by the end of the year, the band decided to call it a day.



It’s Not A Game
a. Mute
b. Hellstate
c. Summerhouse
d. Letting Your Secret Go

Breaking The Back Of The City
Home from Home
Everything Cures
Where Are All Your Heroes Now?
Goodbye Legion